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It looks like, for the first time since I started posting these pages, there will not be a new Chaos page this Saturday! I am going on a somewhat-spontaneous trip to Chicago until next Thursday, so the new page will be up by next weekend. Have a good week, everyone!

by SlimmerCat

Hey everyone! Just a few friendly little PSA's, from me to you:

For those of you who hang around SmackJeeves, I'm updating Chaos there, as well as here. On top of that, if you're interested in more Chaos art, sketches, and information, or if tumblr is a just thing that you're into, you can check out the Chaos tumblr page! Of particular interest (at least, I think) there would be my articles How To Draw Everything and Have A Little Respect, which are both full of my opinions about drawing and being an artist, linked conveniently here for those who don't feel like digging through the archive for them! 

Many thanks to you lovely people for your comments and subscribing-- there haven't been many, I very much appreciate every single one of them! Leaving me comments is the third-largest kindness you can do for me, the second being to tell your friends about Chaos, and the first being to check out my personal artwork (and perhaps even buy a commission, if you're so inclined.) I hope you're all enjoying things so far, I will do my best to continue producing the best quality work that I can for you. If you've got any questions or comments that you want to make absolutely sure that I see & respond to, you can always leave me an ask box message on the Chaos tumblr or (where I am more likely to see it) my personal tumblr!

Alright, enough of that obligatory linkspam. Thanks for reading, folks!

Edit: Oh! I'm also attempting to work on giving both the Smackjeeves and Comicfury sites a uniform(-ish) layout, but I really don't know much HTML, and I'm not sure of how to go about making my own layout (or finding one that will mesh easily with comicfury/smackjeeves' layouts.) If anybody can give me suggestions or point me to some help, I'd be chuffed.

Best Panel Ever
by SlimmerCat

This is officially the best panel I have ever drawn and it is cracking me up right now. I couldn't resist posting it.

Here we go!
by SlimmerCat

Ahhhh wow, here we go! Gonna finally make this story happen!

I wanna give another big huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have encouraged me so far. Every individual person I told about the project showed massive amounts of excitement and encouragement, even when I felt like I had almost nothing to show for all my talk. I don't think I've ever had a more positive response to anything I've created than what I received for the Prologue pages.

There is something immensely satisfying in producing something that is the very best that I can offer. I've always known I would write it and write it well regardless of how many people read it-- this story is very important to me, and anything of this magnitude worth doing is worth doing well. I was already determined to make this comic well, but with so many people showing such interest, it increases my drive to make Chaos the best product that I can possibly give to you. I cannot find words to express my thanks for your support. I really hope that for all my hype, this story won't be a disappointment!

Meanwhile, this Chaos site here looks rather shoddy! The last layout was more aesthetically pleasing, but it didn't have a very obvious place to leave comments, so I switched over to this one. Soon I'm going to dive back into HTML and get this place to look at least a little bit more presentable. I'm likewise having problems with the Chaos tumblr page, which is posting pages out of order on its homepage but not on the tumblr dashboard (I'm not sure why). If you're a person with a tumblr, that page will probably be the quickest and easiest way to receive updates! Even if you don't have a tumblr of your own, the chaoscomic tumblr has all the most recent pages, and if you feel like digging through the archive, it has loads of sketches and at least some information about Chaos and its characters!

Thanks again, everybody. Stay frosty!