Q&A @ Tumblr!
by SlimmerCat

I'm currently drawing answers to any and all questions posed on the Chaos tumblr! Anonymous is enabled so you don't need a tumblr to ask questions. If you're curious about anything or anyone, just drop a question in the ask box and I'll answer.

Updates & Cast Page!
by SlimmerCat

I've been slowly working on re-learning HTML as well as ComicFury's layout coding requirements to spruce this place up a bit. Unfortunately, that means that, in the meantime, the page layouts will be prone to wonkiness from time to time, so humblest apologies if you stop by and some things look weird or are temporarily broken. Thus far, SmackJeeves has been friendlier to my amateur layout-editing, and I was able to find a nice layout to use there.

I've also added a Cast page, where you can find a bit more information about the main characters! So far there aren't any images (this page, likewise, looks better on SJ) and only Duane and Carter have information filled out, but I figured it would be worth mentioning. The layout and cast page are my top priorities at the moment (aside from making pages), so those will hopefully be up to standard soon!

As always, I'm continually updating the Chaos tumblr with relevant artwork and info that isn't posted here or on SJ, so feel free to check that out if you're curious or have any questions! If you really like the comic and you've got a tumblr, you could also do me a kindness and perhaps reblog something from there, or link Chaos to your friends to get them to read it, too. I'd also like to say another thank-you to the people who leave comments, ratings, and subscribe-- I appreciate it a whole bunch. Thanks! You're awesome.

by SlimmerCat

It looks like, for the first time since I started posting these pages, there will not be a new Chaos page this Saturday! I am going on a somewhat-spontaneous trip to Chicago until next Thursday, so the new page will be up by next weekend. Have a good week, everyone!

by SlimmerCat

Hey everyone! Just a few friendly little PSA's, from me to you:

For those of you who hang around SmackJeeves, I'm updating Chaos there, as well as here. On top of that, if you're interested in more Chaos art, sketches, and information, or if tumblr is a just thing that you're into, you can check out the Chaos tumblr page! Of particular interest (at least, I think) there would be my articles How To Draw Everything and Have A Little Respect, which are both full of my opinions about drawing and being an artist, linked conveniently here for those who don't feel like digging through the archive for them! 

Many thanks to you lovely people for your comments and subscribing-- there haven't been many, I very much appreciate every single one of them! Leaving me comments is the third-largest kindness you can do for me, the second being to tell your friends about Chaos, and the first being to check out my personal artwork (and perhaps even buy a commission, if you're so inclined.) I hope you're all enjoying things so far, I will do my best to continue producing the best quality work that I can for you. If you've got any questions or comments that you want to make absolutely sure that I see & respond to, you can always leave me an ask box message on the Chaos tumblr or (where I am more likely to see it) my personal tumblr!

Alright, enough of that obligatory linkspam. Thanks for reading, folks!

Edit: Oh! I'm also attempting to work on giving both the Smackjeeves and Comicfury sites a uniform(-ish) layout, but I really don't know much HTML, and I'm not sure of how to go about making my own layout (or finding one that will mesh easily with comicfury/smackjeeves' layouts.) If anybody can give me suggestions or point me to some help, I'd be chuffed.

Best Panel Ever
by SlimmerCat

This is officially the best panel I have ever drawn and it is cracking me up right now. I couldn't resist posting it.